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Advisory Board

Mr. D.M. Sharma
Member, Advisory Board

Mr. Sharma is an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technologies and Science,Pilani. A committed educationist, Mr.D M Sharma believes that education enables one to meet the challenges of the ever changing real-life situations and helps in shaping one’s future in the light of values that we all cherish. His quest for innovation and excellence in education expects his students to make a mark in their chosen career and contribute to the effort for development and improvement of the quality of human life.

Children are the prime focus of all his efforts. He sincerely believes that real education lies way beyond books. His conscientious effort is to evolve self realization as a habit because when students have good habits, they don’t need rules. Demonstrating a very strong will and a never give-up spirit he has had an illustrious career of 40 years in the field of education. He served for 21 years in India’s elitist school, THE DOON SCHOOL in various positions as H.O.D ,and The House Master as well as the capacity of the Member of Round Square International School. He also served as an advisor for school curriculum in various countries viz Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany. He served as Principal of G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Under his leadership the school produced a Delhi Topper in Commerce Stream.

With the zeal to make a difference in the field of education he believes that character building in students should be the top priority and for this a very strong system of accountability among staff and students should be created. He also believes in creating a condition for them to learn. His aim is to lead the institution to an unparalleled zenith of perfection. He is committed to inculcate in students the exposure to international and cosmopolitan values that will create exciting challenges and exceptional opportunities; and to take pride in providing a caring atmosphere to each student, just apt for the young minds to be nurtured so as to embody the values of diligence, commitment and perseverance in them along with academic excellence.He is a certified professional in Care Giving which is certified by Rehabilitation council of India. He’s also Post Graduate in Counseling and Behavior Modification which is the urgent need in today’s education scenario.

Some of the core values that he advocates are,motivating and counselling the staff towards giving their best; counselling pupils regularly for improvement in behaviour and academics; helping students for all-round education for development of intellect, manual, aesthetic skills and character; and monitoring teachers regarding interaction with pupils (academic as well as personal). He always believes in putting the interest of the students ahead of everything else. He is a recepient of Dr.Radhakrishnan Millennium National Teacher Award in 2009,and the prestigious CBSE National Award for Teacher 2013 ,in public recognition of his valuable and commendable services rendered to the community for the cause of education as a teacher of outstanding merit. With his rich experience, multi-faceted personality and qualities he is sure to contribute to the school community.