Hats and Caps Activity (Nur - Prep) - Prudence Dwarka 16B

A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions. The Children of Grade Nursery and Preparatory enthusiastically participated in hats and caps day. They came in casual dress many times but this time it was a chance to wear their favourite hats and caps. They all came in hats of different colours and style like woolen, beachy, cowboy, princess, animal hats etc. Students walked in their stylish hats and caps. The teacher explained the purpose of wearing different styles of hats and caps For instance, Beachy cap is worn at beaches to protect from sun and similarly woolen caps are worn to keep the head warm.She told the students that hat serves some incredibly diverse purposes from simple protective wear to help those stuck out in the rain,cold or hot sun, to indicate style or rank. Children passionately participated in ramp walk and enjoyed the session of experiential learning.