Activity Ways of Traveling (G2) - Prudence Ashok Vihar

At Prudence School, Ashok Vihar we believe “Knowledge is actively constructed not passively absorbed from textbooks”. 

Classroom activities are regularly used as a tool to follow the philosophy of ‘Learning by Doing’ because real education happens when children are actively engaged in things which they enjoy doing the most.

Keeping that in mind, students of Grade 2 participated in a ‘Theme Based Learning’ activity. They were already aware of different means of transport like Land, Air and Water so they were asked to canvas their understanding around its usage for nearby and faraway places. They weaved their own beautiful stories on a collage by pasting the transport they use to go to various places. They shared their experiences of using these modes.

While they were having a lot of fun doing this within their groups, they also learned critical life skills like sharing responsibilities, handling different tasks, developing bonds with team mates, understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses which are going to stay with them for life.