Intra Class Recitation Competition (Nur - Prep)

'Poetry is an alluring, inspiring and extensive mode of expressing things that upraises language by using words and sounds’.

With all smiles and giggles, through innocent words and actions in melody, students of Grade Nursery and Prep at  Prudence School Dwarka - 22 participated in the Intra Class Recitation Competition. Instilling fondness for poetry and developing recitation skills was the prime objective of the competition. The young learners enchanted everyone with their presence by reciting the rhymes confidently through the inspiration that was evoked in every child to come forward. They chose a variety of topics for their recitation like seasons, trees, plants, save water, flowers, animals, fruits & vegetables, mother, teacher, etc. Students were judged on the parameters like confidence, voice modulation, audibility/clarity, actions, and expressions. The achievement of the objective was visible through the ardent participation by all the students.