Tanusha Arora - Another genius of Prudence Ashok Vihar

Tanusha Arora, a student of Grade 11 stands unrivalled in everything, she undertakes and tights up the world with her unmatched brilliance. She epitomizes intellect and diligence. She is not only gifted with extraordinary wit but also a charming personality. She sets the stage on fire with her extraordinary oratory skills and easily charms her way into the hearts with her pleasant demeanor.

A student par excellence, Tanusha truly represents the core values of Prudence which aims at creating geniuses.

Awards and accolades have been a way of life for her and recently she touched the pinnacle of eminence as she was awarded the most coveted Student of the year award from  NIE. This prestigious award included a trophy, a Letter of Recommendation, a Certificate of Excellence and and a cash voucher of rupees 1000.

We see her scaling new heights in the years to come!