Special Assembly on WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY

To mark the occasion of ‘WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY -2019’, with the theme, ‘Tobacco and lung health’, the students conducted an assembly spreading awareness on the ill effects of using tobacco and tobacco-related products. The assembly aimed at sensitizing one and all present on how tobacco is the biggest enemy of public health today and also one of the primary causes of cancer and heart ailments.There was a short speech on how youngsters today both in the rural and urban sector are getting addicted to the use of tobacco in various forms which in the long run can have an adverse effect on their health. Students also took a pledge, not to use and not let the people around them use tobacco in any form, focusing on the fundamental role, lungs play for the health and well- being of all people.

Finally, a rally was taken out by the students around the school to spread awareness of the harmful effects of using tobacco. Students shouted slogans like, ‘SAY NO TO TOBACCO’ and held placards that carried messages on the adverse effects of tobacco use. The enthusiastic volunteers interacted with the local vendors selling tobacco and tobacco-related products, on the need of banning the sale of such harmful products, especially around educational institutions. The rally also served to voice a strong concern against tobacco consumption and uphold the old age adage, ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’.

This Special Assembly followed by the rally was a sincere effort on the part of the student volunteers and teachers to fight the menace of tobacco addiction and help carve a better future of our nation.