Teacher's Workshop on Public Speaking

“Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”- Gerald R.Fort

Public speaking and communication skills are crucial for teachers and educational staff. Public speaking is the process of performing a presentation or a speech to the live audience in a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence or entertain them.Keeping this thought in mind a workshop on ‘Public Speaking’ was conducted at Prudence Dwarka 16B which was presented by Ms. Monika Solanki from NIE. It was an opportunity for the teachers to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of public speaking and presentation skills. The teachers spent their time understanding the essentials of public speaking and in doing so they learnt the underlying challenges, how to overcome these challenges and present statements and presentations in a confident and concise manner. Finally, the Q&A session at the end of each briefing,made the workshop even more interactive.To sum up, it was a well thought-out workshop of motivating the teachers to discover themselves.