School Reopening after Summer Vacations

"A new day signifies a new beginning. Children want to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.”

 Reopening of school after summer break is a time for new aspirations and rejuvenating dreams. It is time to enter the school with new vigour and fresh vibes. Students of Prudence Dwarka -22 were embraced wholeheartedly with utmost jubilation and affection after a funfilled summer break which was full of adventures and relaxation.

 The smiles on the gleaming faces were unparalleled as students were greeted ardently at the entrance by teachers with an array of exciting activities that enthralled them remarkably. Students were exhilarated as there was an eagerness to meet the teachers and peers. 

A Teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. With this thought, students shared thrilling experiences about their enticing summer vacations with teachers and peers which strengthened their emotional bond. The much-awaited first day of school, post vacations concluded with a lot of fresh memories and excitement to resume their academic journey. It was an apt beginning to a plethora of surprises that await our adorable students. Engagement in activities during the day stimulated the students and they carried beautiful take away as a sweet reminiscence of their first day in school after the summer break.