Prudence Family Welcomes the Learners after Summer Break

So the school was buzzing with children everywhere, engaged in an exceeding myriad of activities, teachers of Prudence school welcomed their school learners with several interactive activities after their summer break. As students are excited about the first day of school, teachers created such an environment for children, that the day was lot more relaxed with several interesting activities. The children were sky-high back in class, with full energy to learn, share and treasure life reminiscences.

Prudence Dw16B school was embellished with the theme 'Back to School' to welcome its students with greetings extended by its teachers to put smiles on their faces followed by associate degree activity wherever The children were asked to choose from multiple emojis. The lecturers reciprocated an equivalent action to welcome them. The teachers at Prudence Dw16B school welcomed children by stamping emojis on their hands as they entered school premises. Children were told to leap on the floor and pass the ropes as obstacles for a thriving beginning. Another practice of pasting okra on the smiling emoji was conducted to spread the message of happiness and to be positive in school.

With the provided props, students were told to pose and get clicked and create reminiscences. The nice thing about these activities was that imagination was carried out; it absolutely was fun, and students enjoyed every bit of it and started their day with lot of energy and smile on their face. It also created an exquisite memory to remember.